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Im gonna give myself a panic attack if i keep thinking like this i just need to chill im already sweating and my hearts all ehhh and my parents! Are being! Horrible to each other! If theyd just fucking divorced like ten years ago maybe my fuckign life wouldnt be like this oh fucking well thats such a terrible mantra to have for ten years straight mom dad pls divorce you make everyone miserable

It rlly sucks when the house youve lived in your whole life isnt even. A house. Like. Because theres never not holes and leaks in the ceiling, and there isnt even real floors just cement and gross tile, and the heat barely works and out of the entire what, 4 bedroom 2 bath house with a big living room and den theres just 2 tiny rooms and a hallway , and like, you could never have people over because you yourself are never fucking comfortable so why would you invite other people here. And they ask why they cant come to your house and youre like Um my parents wont let me have people over. And its just. Gross. And you never bothered cleaning anywhere but your own room cause whats the fucking point. Your room itselfs impossible to keep clean cause it always doubles as storage. And youre MISERABLE 24/7 and it makes it impossible to deal with your mental illness shit because you dont even have the basic fucking comfort of a normal house and since you were 5 youve been told its ALL YOUR FAULT and you just wish youd never been born because you were born at the same time your moms ptsd completely took over her life and you made the perfect scapegoat for that FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK AND THEN WHEN YOU DROP OUT OF SCHOOL AND YOURE ALWAYS FUCKING HERE YOU ARE STUCK IN THIS LITTLE HAMSTER CAGE OF A HOUSE THAT YOUR PARENTS ARE ROTTING INSIDE

All the guys I remain friends with irl are actually aware and ok with my feminism? And no, its not because theyre trying to get in my pants, because they also know I’m a lesbian. Theyre literally fine with it, we get along and bond over shared interests and they dont judge me for my gender because theyre decent civilized human beings

Guys like that aren’t really THAT rare but you will meet a lot of misogynists who try to tell you all men are like, completely disgusting misogynists, which is hilarious because they’re supposed to be MRAs and yet that’s their opinion of their own gender lmao. Which I think is yet another thing that proves MRAs aren’t pro-men, they’re anti-women

No matter how sweet and nice and “anti feminism, pro equality ^.^” u act, fuckboys will still appear and find a way to get offended, im sorry ladies but that’s the internet

No matter how sweet and nice and “anti feminism, pro equality ^.^” u act, fuckboys will still appear and find a way to get offended, im sorry ladies but that’s the internet

If for nothing else love yourself out of defiance, because pretty much everyone wants you to hate yourself


omfg this was bound to happen i just KNEW IT

not too sure what to call this, i just happen to really like coats. the trolls will be done relatively soon-ish 

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Oh jeez my blog turned 2 yrs old today. What a world